Cookbook Club – It’s all Greek – Saturday 19 March 2022 – Review

What are the essentials for a good restaurant experience?  Of course food, location, service and good company.

Athens might be 15,000 kilometres from Sydney but the Cookbook Club established a pop-up Greek taverna close to home.  Courtesy of our kyria (hostess)….Jan Sayers.

If you hanker for superb Greek cuisine, consider the blackboard menu for the night.

There’s also a snippet of the food on offer to whet your appetite. 

Complemented by the strains of Nana Mouskouri and a wee dram of BYO Ouzo and Sambuco.

Credit where credit is due. 

No one had a little Greek YiaYia in a room at home do this magic in their kitchen.  Each of the guests was also a Super Chef for the evening providing one of the items on the menu. 

But a well rounded evening should integrate food and culture.

20 Kulture Kwiz questions were posed?  Can you answer some of them? (google for answers)

  1.  Who is the songstress in the picture at the top?
  2.  What are the colours of the Greek flag?
  3.  What is the highest mountain in Greece?

Plus a few Greek riddles to test your lateral thinking. Such as…

4.  Who was the Greek god who was average in everything? (Don’t cheat. Here’s the answer spelt backwards: esetarcoidem).

Congrats to Gilda (Madame President) who was probably the star of the quiz; (as well as doing a luscious baklava).

Geoff Dix