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The policy is to identify the responsibilities of the Management Committee, IG Facilitator, IG Convener, members and visitors of the Probus Club of Cabarita and Breakfast Point (PCCBP) in conducting interest groups and in turn, facilitating member enjoyment and safety.

Management Committee Responsibilities

  • to approve recommended new group proposals before they are put forward to members
  • to forward reports of incident/injuries or accidents occurring during a group activity to the South Pacific Probus Inc

Facilitator Responsibilities

  • liaising with conveners and ensuring all requirements are complied with
  • bringing any suggestion for new group to the Management Committee
  • advising the Management Committee of any incidents/injuries or accidents that may occur

Convener Responsibilities

  • maintaining a record of members attending each meeting for 13 months
  • communicating with their group and to the Facilitator
  • notifying the Facilitator of any incident/accident/ or injury occurring at a meeting

Overnight Excursions

  • Anyone arranging an interest group/travel excursion of more than 1 day must comply with the Outings Policy and include; “by agreeing to attend, I confirm I have read and accepted the Outings Policy of PCBP”

Member Responsibilities

  • looking after their wellbeing to be able to participate safely
  • following the reasonable directions of the Convener
  • providing their own equipment and materials appropriate for the specific activity

Visitor Information

A visitor may participate in an IG with a member. The member is responsible for:

  • gaining approval from the Convener for the visitor to attend
  • monitoring the visitor only attends a maximum of 3 occasions during one club year

The visitor is to follow the same responsibilities as a member at a Probus activity.


Revised: 22/06/2020