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The Archive policy identifies the records maintained by the Probus Club of Cabarita and Breakfast Point, the responsibilities of office bearers in maintaining records and how archives are stored.

Responsibility for the management of archives has been delegated to the Club Secretary. Records will be stored in both google document storage and an external hard drive. Hard copies of certificates awarded or other memorabilia may also be maintained.

The archive consists of:

  1. Foundation records including:
  • Incorporation documents
  • Standing resolutions
  • Constitution
  • A list of foundation members*

2. Policies and procedures, including any amendments subsequently made to Foundation documents

3. Annual archives including:

  • Audited annual financial records and copies of returns to Fair Trading
  • Copies of general meeting minutes
  • Copies of Committee minutes
  • Annual membership list at the end of the Probus Year (March)*
  • President’s annual report
  • Annual speaker schedule
  • Any other memorabilia the archivist wished to include

4. Records to be retained by other Office bearers as part of their role:

  • Finance records to be kept for 7years (Treasurer)
  • Attendance lists for member meetings, Interest Groups, Outings and Travel to be kept by Conveners for 13mnths for insurance purposes
  • Annual interest group activity reports to be kept by Facilitator
  • Annual outings activity report
  • Dated versions of the website for future website managers.


* to be stored on external hard drive only to maintain member privacy.

Date: February 2020