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Risk Management Policy

  1. General Statement of Policy
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Safety and protocol
    • 3.1 Meeting Rooms
    • 3.2 Food Service
  4. Activities, Outings and Tours
  5. Handling of Money
  6. Other Issues
  7. Form
1. General Statement

This policy was adopted by the members of the Probus Club of Cabarita and Breakfast Point Inc. at a general meeting held on 5 February 2016.

Probus Club of Cabarita and Breakfast Point Inc. recognises the need to minimise the potential risks to members and visitors when they participate in the activities of the Club.

It is important to the overall enjoyment of Club members that potential areas of risk be identified and controls put in place to reduce the possibility of injury.

This policy is also designed to provide officers, committee and sub-committee members and leaders of activities, outings and tours added confidence in their administrative roles within the Club.

Nothing in this policy is designed to restrict the enjoyment of members’ or visitors’ participation in the activities of the club.

The purpose of this policy is twofold:

  1. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all members and to reduce the risk of injury.
  2. To protect the Club and its members in the event of action being taken against the Club, its officers, committee and sub-committee members, activity leaders or individual members.
2. Disclaimer

The Probus Club of Cabarita and Breakfast Point Inc. in no way claims this policy to be a comprehensive document covering all aspects of “Risk Management” affecting the operations of the Club.

The document suggests a number of important areas that should be covered in order that a safer environment may be provided for Members and Visitors.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure issues related to “Risk Management” within the Probus Club of Cabarita and Breakfast Point Inc. the Management Committee  does not accept any responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies whatsoever within in the document.

This Manual is provided on the basis that the Probus Club of Cabarita and Breakfast Point Inc. shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever arising from any incorrect incomplete or out of date information contained within the document.

3. Safety and Protocol
    • 3.1 The Meeting Venue
    • The Committee shall ensure:

3.1.1 A First Aid Kit is available for use at all meetings.

3.1.2 A record of all members, guests or visitors attending meetings is maintained.

3.1.3 All power leads, microphone cables and other electrical fittings are properly secured or covered.

3.1.4 All persons present are advised of the location of exits, evacuation assembly point and the procedures to be followed in the case of an emergency.

3.1.5 A list of emergency numbers is kept and maintained at the registration desk at all times.

3.1.6 Normal/reasonable duty of care is undertaken and observed.

3.2 Food Service

The Hospitality Officer shall be responsible for:

3.2.1. Club managed food and beverage services.

3.2.2. Rosters for the setting up and the cleanliness of facilities.

3.2.3. Good hygiene practices undertaken and observed.

4. Activities, Outings and Tours

4.1 The appointed officers shall manage all approved club activities with the assistance of delegated sub-committee members.

4.2 A record of members, visitors and guests attending will be maintained.

4.3 Any incidents/accidents/injuries to be recorded and if necessary for insurance purposes be reported to PSPL.

5. Handling of Money

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the following guidelines:

5.1 The financial management of club funds is under the direction of the Management Committee.

5.2 The Treasurer or a delegated officer of the club, appointed by the Management Committee, may be authorized to bank club monies. All club monies must be banked into the account of the club within two working days for insurance cover to be valid.

5.3 The Treasurer may delegate the collection of monies being paid by members/guests for club activities to the Leaders of such programs; the Treasurer must bank all club monies and be responsible for all reconciliation of club funds.

5.4 The Committee shall ensure that no payments are made without evidence of the debt by way of invoice, voucher or receipt.

5.5 A register of the Clubs assets shall be maintained. Note – Cash based accounting system rather than an accrual system need not allow for depreciation of assets.

5.6 A Budget, setting out the anticipated Income and Expenditure, shall be adopted annually.

6. Other issues

The Management Committee shall endeavor to address issues related to:

6.1 Risk assessment and management.

       6.2 Privacy legislation.

7. Form
Accident/Injury Incident Report Form