Club Background

Probus Clubs cater for retired and semi-retired business and professional people (thus the acronym Pro-Bus) and were formed as a Rotary community service in Britain in 1965. Probus was also the name of a Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius Probus, who died in 282AD at the hands of his own men.

The Probus Club of Cabarita and Breakfast Point developed in just a few months from the end of 2014 into a fully accredited social organisation with a rapidly growing membership attracted to its simple philosophy of offering friendship, fellowship and fun to all members—a philosophy which may have served Marcus Aurelius a little better!

The club is a spin-off from its big brother Probus Club of Breakfast Point (PCBP), formed in 2011 and which had become so successful it was forced to cap its membership at 248 in 2013. It was decided in 2014 to organise a second club for the suburb.

One of PCBP members, Rotary official Brian Lawrenson, accepted responsibility for forming the new club and organised a letter drop around Breakfast Point in mid-2014 which resulted in more than 40 local residents attending the foundation meeting in the Breakfast Point Country Club on 5 September 2014.

Brian took charge of initial meetings and a steering committee was formed out of which the management committee, headed by club president John Rae, was elected and then unanimously re-elected at the annual general meeting on 6 March 2015.

Because of the surprisingly rapid growth of membership from the original 41 at the first meeting held in the Breakfast Point Activities Centre, the club has moved to its present larger venue, Canada Bay Club.