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The purpose of this policy is to identify the responsibilities of members, conveners and the Probus Club of Cabarita and Breakfast Point Inc. (PCCBP) in conducting outings and in turn facilitating participant safety.

PCCBP Management Committee Responsibilities

The Management Committee has been delegated the authority to approve recommended outings proposals before they are put forward to members.

Convener Responsibilities

  • The convener is responsible for notifying the Outings Facilitator of their intention to conduct an outing, identify the specific details of the outing (date, time, transport, minimum and maximum participant numbers, costs, etc and obtaining their permission to proceed with organising the outing.
  • To advertise the outing on the website after it has been approved by the  Management Committee.
  • A record of members and visitors on an approved outing will be maintained by the convener and must be kept for 13 months. Any incidents/accidents/injuries will be recorded and reported to the Outings Facilitator.

Member Responsibilities

Persons participating in outings with the Probus Club of Cabarita and Breakfast Point Inc. are responsible for:

  • notifying the convener of their intention to participate.
  • ensuring they have read and accepted the Outings Policy.
  • ensuring they are well enough to attend.
  • judging that their level of fitness is adequate to meet the demands of the outing/activity.
  • Understand terms and conditions of PSPL insurance as shown on their website.

Members will have preference when an outing has a limited number of places. If places are still available on a specified date, then members may invite guests. Members will be advised when this situation arises.

Where there is a cost associated with the outing, members and their guests are responsible for ensuring they have paid prior to attending.

1.  Electronic Transfer

  1. Bank account:  Cabarita & Breakfast Point Probus Club
    Commonwealth Bank, Concord.
    BSB: 062 145
    Acc No:  1028 9370

Deposit reference field MUST include surname and briefly, the event: eg. Smith – BBQ


For organised outings, refunds may not be possible unless a replacement participant is found AND the Convener is advised.

In some cases, a refund may be made depending on the terms of the booking. eg. if no party has incurred any costs.

In the event of insufficient numbers for an outing to proceed, payments will be refunded.

Refunds must be made within 7 days of the outing.


Probus Comprehensive Insurance covers members and up to two (2) visitors attending or participating in a recognised Probus activity (age restrictions may apply). This decision is reviewed annually at the time Capitation fees are paid to Probus South Pacific Inc.

For this cover to apply however, members MUST sign the section marked, “I have read and accept the outings policy” for every outing they attend.


Revised 07/2019