Cookbook Club – Review


The Cookbook club recently held an Old School Aussie Barbecue lunch using the Women’s Weekly Barbecue Cookbook.

It was so enjoyable eating salads remembered from years ago.  Potato salad with basil dressings, avocado and mango salad and coleslaw with apple and (surprise) sultanas. It was like being reunited with old friends again.

In keeping with a typical Aussie tradition, the men had fun presiding over the barbecue with dietician recommended sausages and scotch fillet steak- yummy!

The benefits of eating the dietician sausages were undone by homemade cheesecake and home-made dark chocolate orange peel and walnut chocolate log.  Oh well, dark chocolate is full of anti-oxidants!

The wet weather surprisingly held off so we were able to enjoy a long, long lunch outside in mild, sunny weather until 7:00 pm. 

The next Cookbook gathering will be in May with another themed meal using the Women’s Weekly recipe book.

Stay tuned.  Please contact Jane Elliot if you are interested in joining the Cookbook Club.