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COVID-19 Risk Management Framework

This framework outlines the risk management processes implemented to manage and mitigate risks to the Club and Club members associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Risk management processes focus on risk assessment, analysing findings, identifying actions required and monitoring their implementation.

The Management Committee has overall responsibility for decision-making and authorising Club activities. The Committee’s decisions are be underpinned by Government regulations and guidelines, and directives and advice from Probus South Pacific Incorporated.

Facilitators are responsible for liaising with Conveners and the Management Committee. Conveners are responsible for completing risk assessment checklists and implementing actions requested by the Management Committee, Facilitators and stipulated in the Incident Management Response plan.

Risks identification processes are iterative and include:

  1. A review of the Club’s existing risk management strategies
  2. Formulating an Incident Response Plan
  3. Developing and implementing risk assessment checklists for each of the following activities:
  • Management Committee meetings
  • Member meetings
  • Meet and Greet
  • Interest Group Meetings
  • Outings
  • Travel
  1. Meeting with Conveners to explain their role in the risk management plan, the purpose of the checklists and how to complete them.

Risk management processes focus on implementing actions to mitigate risk and monitor outcomes. These include:

  1. The Management Committee adopting the risk management framework, incident response plan, risk assessment checklists and criteria for evaluating recommencement of activities.
  2. Reviewing completed checklists and identifying and implementing actions to address these risks.
  3. Using checklist information to inform decisions made by the Management Committee authorising an activity to recommence.
  4. Ongoing monitoring to identify risks and whether or not actions implemented are adequate and appropriate.
  5. Regular communication with members, Conveners and Facilitators through Newsflashes and the Newsletter.

Developed 25/06/2020