Rookwood Cemetery Tour by Car – Friday 2 October 2020

During COVID, Rookwood has a new way of conducting tours. This tour involves driving in member’s own car behind a guide who will stop at significant sites in the cemetery. At the sites, members will be able to exit their cars and listen to the guide’s talk, keeping a COVID safe distance, and then continue on via car to the next site.

The tour could take up to 2 hours.

After the tour a sheltered area will be set up next to the cafe and members can either bring their own lunch or eat from the cafe. Continue reading Rookwood Cemetery Tour by Car – Friday 2 October 2020

Keeping in Touch – Newsletter Issue 6, September 2020

Hi Everyone

The months are passing too quickly which is both good and not so good. Good because I am always hopeful that government restrictions and regulations will be relaxed as each month progresses, and not so good as our Club meetings are not able to be held and I do miss seeing all your smiling faces.

Probus South Pacific has announced an annual Probus Day with the Inaugural Day on 1 October 2020. This event can be celebrated any day during the month of October.

As our next Newsletter will go out on the 2nd October, we will revisit some past activities, social connections and previous functions reminding us how our Club has enriched our lives with… Friendship, fellowship and fun.

I hope you are all well and remaining strong and positive while adhering to all the COVID-19 rules and regulations set by the government including ‘social distancing’. Please, don’t become complacent as ‘hotspots’ around our area appear to have increased.

Enjoy this month’s ‘Keeping in Touch’ and above all, keep well.

Warm Regards,
Kathy Beresford

Keeping in Touch-Newsletter Issue 5, August 2020

Hi Everyone

First and foremost, I hope you are all well and safe and remaining strong and
positive during even more challenging months ahead with COVID-19.

We are now into our 5th Newsletter and I must say I was hopeful that we would
be closing in on being able to phase in our Meetings. This will now not be
possible given the current resurgence moving across Victoria and NSW.

The times ahead are critical for us all to remain diligent and everyone in the
community must play a role if we are to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

I am asking of you all for the safety and well-being of our loved ones, family,
friends and neighbours…. please, if you are feeling unwell – isolate and get
tested and maintain the social distancing rule at all times.

The Dept of Health has asked everyone to consider wearing a face mask in situations where physical distancing is not possible and to download the COVIDSafe app so you are able to be quickly notified if you have been in close contact with anyone who becomes ‘positive’.

Having said all the above, on a lighter happier note, enthusiasm and pleasure is
not diminished as we all enjoy in both the giving and receiving of these many
interesting and varied articles shared in our monthly Newsletters which is
keeping us in touch.

Time to take a break, sit back and click on the link to this months Keeping in Touch” and be mindful every day of the care and well-being we must all take with ourselves and all of those around us.

Warm Regards

Kathy Beresford

NEWSFLASH # 7 – 18 July 2020

Message from the President – COVID-19 Risk Management Framework

Dear Members

This Newsflash is to update you regarding decisions made by the Management Committee yesterday as part of our risk management in response to COVID-19 and recommendations by our head office – Probus South Pacific.

With the increasing spread of COVID-19, please know that we are doing everything we can to ensure your health and safety when attending Probus activities. At this point in time, we do not anticipate that many groups will be able to resume nor is it likely that we can get together for a Probus meeting for many months. But we will continue to stay in touch via the Newsletter.

Potential risks to the Club and members have been identified, and an action plan has been developed and is being implemented to address these risks. For all activities, conveners will be required to complete a risk assessment prior to any activity being authorized by the Management Committee to resume. This is to ensure the health and safety of members and that government guidelines are complied with.

Until further notice, the Management Committee has determined, no groups are to meet in homes.

In addition to these measures we have adopted an Incident Response Plan which identifies member, convener and Management Committee responsibilities in the event that a member tests COVID-19 positive after attending a Probus activity. These documents will be available on the website as soon as possible.

A list of specific issues relevant to members follows:

Activity Attendance

  • Members are not to attend any activity if they are unwell.
  • Members are required to notify the group convener whether or not they are attending each activity and have their name marked off on an attendance list when they arrive at the venue. This is to ensure we have accurate attendance records in the event of a member testing COVID-19 positive.
  • Members are encouraged to download the COVIDSafeApp.

Venues/ Hygiene/Food

  • Members are required to use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving venues.
  • No food is to be brought into venues being used in the Admin Bldg at Breakfast Point other than take-away drinks or water. Members attending outdoor activities may bring their own food and drink but are not to share this with other members.

Conveners please note the following additional information that applies to you:

  • Requests for interest groups to recommence will be on a month to month basis and should reach the Secretary by the 2nd Friday of the month in order to be assessed by the Management Committee’s monthly meeting on the 3rd Friday of every month.
  • Conveners of currently approved activities or conveners of other groups wanting to recommence in August, are to complete the risk assessment checklist and return it to the Secretary by next Friday – July 24th. If you have any queries regarding any of the questions on the form, please email Connie Fraser, Interest Group Facilitator.
  • The checklists, together with the evaluation criteria that will be used by the Management Committee to determine whether or not an activity will have approval to recommence, will be forwarded to conveners over the weekend.
  • The convener of any group that has previously been meeting in a home may apply to the Management Committee to meet in available venues at Breakfast Point, or use Zoom if appropriate, or a restaurant where Government guidelines /restrictions are adhered to.
  • Conveners will be notified of the Management Committee’s decision via an email.

If anyone has any queries or concerns regarding any of this information, please contact the Secretary.

Meanwhile, stay well and safe and please remember to be mindful every day of the care and well-being we must all take with ourselves and all those in and around us – staying apart keeps us together.

Kathy Beresford

NEWSFLASH # 6 – 24 June 2020

Message from the President – UPDATE on Probus Activities

The Management Committee is currently working through risk management documentation from Probus South Pacific regarding when and how we may gradually resume group activities.

Until this work is completed, we are not in a position to approve recommencement of any additional Probus activities. We expect to have clarification within two weeks and ask for your patience in the meantime.

Members who are unwell should not attend any Probus group activities.

If you have any queries regarding this matter please contact the Secretary.

Keep safe and well.

Kathy Beresford

NEWSFLASH # 5 – 20 June 2020 Update regarding Interest Groups

Message from the President

As Government Guidelines change regarding COVID-19 restrictions, this does not automatically mean that all Interest Group Activities can recommence.

The Management Committee has overall responsibility for risk management of our Club and any decisions made to recommence are underpinned by Government regulations and guidelines.

The Committee will undertake a risk assessment for each interest group applying for permission to recommence prior to any decision.

Conveners wishing to recommence must email their request to Connie Fraser, Interest Group Facilitator, specifying date, numbers involved, venue and how social distancing rules will be achieved and maintained. Once a risk assessment has been completed, Conveners will be notified of the Committee’s decision.

Currently there are only 6 groups approved to recommence – Golf, Walking, Photography, Kayaking, Cycling and Tennis.

The Management Committee will continually review requests from interest groups wishing to recommence.

Paramount is the health and safety of our Members.

If you have any questions regarding Interest Groups recommencing, please contact the Secretary.

Keep safe and well and look after each other.

Kathy Beresford