Membership Renewal 2021 – Reminder

Membership Renewal Letter – Print Version

22 January 2021

Dear members

Membership renewal 

The 2020-2021 annual membership fee is $20.00 and is due no later than 1st April 2021. Usually, the annual membership is $50, but as only a few interest groups are operating, due to COVID-19, only insurance and other on-going costs need to be paid – hence the lower membership fee. Continue reading Membership Renewal 2021 – Reminder

Committee Position 2021-2022

As incoming President of the Cabarita and Breakfast Point Probus Club it falls to me to put together a committee for the coming 2021 year. A number of our current committee members have served for some years and have decided they need to step back and whilst nominations for most roles have been received, we are looking for the ‘committee’ role of Secretary and a ‘support’ role to assist our Web Manager.

As you know, the Club relies on volunteers to ensure it can continue to function and be in a position to resume normal activities once restrictions are eased. We encourage you to review these two positions on our website home page under ‘About Us: Management Team & Officials’ and please don’t hesitate to call me to discuss these more fully.

Secretary’s role – Jan Sayers is stepping down and has worked to streamline this job to make it easier for the next incumbent. If you would like to know more of what is required (and even in these times of Covid there is still work to do to keep the club running smoothly) please feel free to email Jan ( who will contact you to discuss in more detail.

Web Manager’s assistant – this is a ‘site support role’ to work with Pam Floyd to keep the web site fresh and functioning. This is a key component of keeping in touch with the club members and for dissemination of things like the newsletters, notices to members etc. If you have some interest in this area please get in touch, as Pam would welcome some spreading of the load.

If you want to have a chat about these roles please feel free to give me a call on 0417235901.

Colin Peterson

NEWSFLASH # 8 – 21 December 2020

Message from the President – COVID-19 Update

Dear Members

It has been many months since I have sent a “Newsflash” re COVID-19.

This one, I thought would not be necessary as we moved towards 2021 and the possibility of recommencing our monthly meetings.

We would all be aware of the increasing COVID-19 ‘clusters’ primarily on the Northern Beaches and now throughout Greater Sydney.

More than ever we all need to do everything possible to maintain the health and wellbeing of our families, friends, neighbours and our members.

Please be aware of and comply with all Government requirements as they come into force. Maintain social distancing particularly if gathering at public or social events.

If you are unwell or have any flu like symptoms, please, get tested to safeguard everyone in and around you especially as most of us are hoping to meet and greet our loved ones over the Christmas and New Year period.

Continue to be safe and look after each other.

Kathy Beresford

My kayaking Experience

My wife and I moved into Breakfast Point in 2002 and joined our Probus club in 2017. I loved the fact that we are being surrounded by water ways and wanted to buy a runabout.

I attended a number of boat-shows and finally thought of something simpler, which could be easily towed to the water. I met up with some people from the Kayaking group over coffee and rushed out to buy a kayak. What I bought was more suited for a professional and not for a beginner.

That beautiful ocean going kayak toppled on my first day out and filled with water! The silver lining was that I found a guru (in Mick), who with Chris helped me learn the ropes and find the right kayak for me.

Continue reading My kayaking Experience

The Picnic by the river in Cabarita Park

Friday 13 November 2020

The weather forecast for our picnic was not encouraging but about 20 Probians braved the strong winds and possibility of rain and were fortunate enough to have sanctuary in the shelter of the shed overlooking the river.

As the afternoon progressed the windy weather eased and after lunch we enjoyed coffee and drinks down at the marina kiosk. Continue reading The Picnic by the river in Cabarita Park

President’s Update – 21 October 2020

Hi and Hello to you all

I do hope you all enjoyed the October Newsletter celebrating Probus Day reflecting on the wonderful times our Club has shared and enjoyed during our 6 years of growth – Yes, we turned 6 last month!

Given the many restrictions placed on us with COVID-19 and being unable to meet at the Community Hall, our aim for the past 7 months has always been to ‘keep in touch’.  Our Newsletter, ‘Keeping in Touch’, was the way to chat to you on a monthly basis with so many members sharing their interesting and captivating articles.

To all contributors, I sincerely thank you for your input in making the Newsletter such a success.

Our Newsletter will be in recess until perhaps early 2021 and again I cannot thank enough ‘my helpers’ – Jan Sayers, Connie Fraser and, for October, Sue Colubraile, for their most amazing input, diligence and constant attention to detail to ensure these Newsletters ‘kept you in touch’ on the day we would normally meet at the Community Hall.

Probus South Pacific has a Newsletter ‘Staying Connected with Probus’ sharing wonderful articles to read and many ideas for home and outdoor.  There are Club Stories, Tai chi VS. Qigong to enjoy in the comfort of your living room or in a park (Issue 27); virtual board games (Issue 26); Crafts such as knitting, soap and candle making, woodwork or painting(Issue 19) and so many more to view.

In addition to the Newsletter the Active Retiree Magazine which was always available at our monthly meetings is now in digital form and the link takes you to the September/October issue and previous publications.

In closing, as I reflect on all the many contributions made to our Club’s Newsletters, it is evident that we are enthusiastic, happy and diverse members who enjoy wonderful times of Fun, Friendship, and Fellowship.

Kathy Beresford

Keeping in Touch – Newsletter Issue 7, October 2020

Hi Everyone

Our October Newsletter is to celebrate the theme for the inaugural Probus Day.

Probus Day will be an annual event which traditionally across the world is known as the ‘United Nations Day of Older Persons.  However, Australia and New Zealand will celebrate this occasion as Probus Day on 1st October or any day during the month of October.

Probus South Pacific’s theme for this year …  Staying Connected and Active with Probus – the key to happy retirement … this theme couldn’t be better put.

As you read through our Newsletter, I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy and reflect on the amazing and happy days we have had, the wonderful people we have met, friendships formed, events, places and interest groups we have all participated in at various times – all of which have been a great part of our Club since our inception in 2014 and have certainly kept us active, alert and happy.

Enjoy this month’s ‘Keeping in Touch’ newsletter.

Kathy Beresford

Keeping in Touch – Newsletter Issue 6, September 2020

Hi Everyone

The months are passing too quickly which is both good and not so good. Good because I am always hopeful that government restrictions and regulations will be relaxed as each month progresses, and not so good as our Club meetings are not able to be held and I do miss seeing all your smiling faces.

Probus South Pacific has announced an annual Probus Day with the Inaugural Day on 1 October 2020. This event can be celebrated any day during the month of October.

As our next Newsletter will go out on the 2nd October, we will revisit some past activities, social connections and previous functions reminding us how our Club has enriched our lives with… Friendship, fellowship and fun.

I hope you are all well and remaining strong and positive while adhering to all the COVID-19 rules and regulations set by the government including ‘social distancing’. Please, don’t become complacent as ‘hotspots’ around our area appear to have increased.

Enjoy this month’s ‘Keeping in Touch’ and above all, keep well.

Warm Regards,
Kathy Beresford