The list below has been provided by Probus South Pacific to serve as an example of the types of Activities happening in other Probus Groups within our Region. You may see something here that piques your interest, or you may be keen to Convene one of these groups or suggest another Activity. If you would like any further information please contact your Groups Coordinator Connie Fraser.

Aerobics, Fitness Classes
Fine Wine & Dining Group
Sailing Group
Afternoon Tea Group
Fishing Group
Scottish Folk Dancing Group
Ancient History Group
Fitness-Aerobics Group
Scrabble Group
Art Gallery Group
Flower Arrangement Group
Scrap Booking Group
Art – Oil Painting Folk Dancing Group Sewing-Knitting Group
Art – Water Painting Foreign Languages Group Singles Coffee Club Group
Athletic Fitness Group Gardening Group Singles Luncheon Group
Australian History Group Genealogy Group Sister Club Friendships
Astronomy & Cosmic Group Girls Only Day Out Group Snooker Group
Badminton Group Golfing Group Snow Ski-ing Group
Ballroom Dancing Gym Group Solo Travellers Group
BBQ Lunch Group Health Support Group Soduku Puzzle Group
Beach Walking Group Hiking & Camping Group Songsters Group
Beach Volleyball Group Historical Research Group Square Dancing  Group
Beef & Burgundy Group Indoor Bowls Group Squash Group
Bird Watching Group Interstate Travel Group Stamp Collecting Group
Blokes Only Day Out Group Investment Group Swimming Group
Billiard Group Irish Dancing Group Tai Chi Group
Bingo Group Italian Bocce Bowling Tandem Bike Riding Group
Boating Group Joggers Group Tapestry Group
Bonsai Group Kayaking Group Ten Pin Bowling Group
Book Club Lawn Bowls Group Tennis Group
Book Exchange Group Let’s Go Picnicking Group Textiles Art Group
Breakfast Group Line Dancing Group Theatre Group
Bridge Group Lunch Group Time Share Resort Group
Bush Walking Group Mah-jong Group Toastmasters Group
Café Strolling Group Men’s Shed Group U3A Group
Cake Decoration Men’s Workshop Group Vintage Car Group
Camera-Photography Group Miniature Golf Group Vintage Motorcycle Group
Canoeing & Sculling Group Model Train Group Walk for Pleasure Group
Caravan Camping Group Monopoly Board Games Water Aerobics Group
Card Playing Group Morning Tea Group Water Ski-ing Group
Computer Group Motor Bike Group 4WD Drive Group
Craft Group Movies Group Weekend Away Group
Craft Beer Group Musical Group Wine & Cheese Group
Crib Group Musical Theatre Group Woodworking Group
Chrocheting Group Operatic Theatre Group Workshop Volunteers Group
Croquet Group Overseas Travel Group Writing Group
Crosswords Puzzle Group Poetry Group Yachting Group
Cryptic Crossword Group Poker Games Group Yoga Group
Cycling Group Qi-jong Group
Darts Group Quilting Group
Dinner Group Quoits Group
DVD Library Group Reading Group
Euchre Card Group Rock-n-Roll Dance Group