Our Club was formed primarily for residents in postcode 2137 which covers Cabarita, Breakfast Point, Mortlake, Concord and North Strathfield. During our start-up phase we did allow more distant residents to join but Club management recently decided to restrict membership to postcode 2137.

As we are approaching our membership cap of 250, and have some demographic restrictions to meet, acceptance for membership may not be immediate. Priority may need be given to male applicants to allow us to maintain the gender balance required by our Constitution, and/or residents of Breakfast Point.

If you are retired or semi-retired and live in postcode 2137 you are eligible for membership and can apply here.


There is a one-off joining fee payable, currently set at $20.00 and a further annual subscription currently set at $50.00. Fees are payable once you have received, in writing, notification that you have been accepted into the Club.