Role Description of Committee Positions

Management Committee

The main duties for each position are:

Club President

  • Chairs the monthly meetings of members and the management committee and oversees the agenda and minutes for each. Presents committee recommendations to the members’ meetings for their approval
  • Should be familiar with the Constitution, By-Laws/Standing Resolutions and Incorporation regulations and ensure the Club complies with them
  • Mixes with all members encouraging full participation in Club activities, outings and functions and as far as possible identifies any who may need the Club’s assistance because of bereavement, ill health or other difficulties
  • Ensures all official positions, including assistant roles are filled and being operated satisfactorily and that succession to the following year’s committee is planned well in advance
  • Monitors the website and weekly update to ensure all items of interest are covered and that members are encouraged to contribute to it
  • Deals with actual and potential differences of opinion and disputes between members and any critical negotiations the Club may have with outside parties

Senior Vice President

  • Deputises for the President in his/her absence, and where necessary, chairs the monthly meeting of members and the management committee or carries out other Presidential duties
  • As President-elect, understands the President’s role and works closely with the President taking every opportunity to prepare for it
  • Carries out any special projects or duties requested by the President
  • Assists any Committee member with a heavy work load or arranges for an absent committee member to be assisted

Junior Vice President

  • Carries out any special projects or duties requested by the President
  • Assists any Committee member with a heavy workload or arranges for an absent committee member to be assisted


  • Prepares agendas for each Management Committee Meeting, General Monthly Meeting and the Annual General Meeting
  • Records Minutes of Committee Meetings and Monthly General meetings
  • Circulates copies of the Minutes to the members prior to each Committee or General Meeting
  • Circulates the Weekly Update bulletin to all members
  • Issues notice to all members for the election of committee members
  • Receives and records apologies for members non attendance at meetings
  • Presents all correspondence, to the Committee and maintains a correspondence file


  • Controls the Clubs finances by promptly depositing all funds to the bank account and by paying all approved expenses using electronic banking, as appropriate
  • Submits a report to the monthly meeting
  • Prepares the annual budget in conjunction with the Committee and recommends the quantum of annual subscriptions and joining fees
  • Finalises the annual accounts and arranges for audit
  • Works in conjunction with the Secretary on membership applications and payment of fees
  • Monitors collection of fees for Club activities to ensure all are received and any valid overpayments returned

 Outings Convener

  •  Schedules and organises outings, events and/or dinners throughout the year
  •  Ensures all costs are covered
  •  Accepts bookings
  •  Liaises with club Treasurer re payments
  •  Notifies attending members of arrangements for outings
  •  Is available on day of outing to liaise with event organisers and assist in member requirements

 Interest Groups Co ordinator

  • Maintains overview of Interest Groups.
  • Attends monthly Executive Committee meetings and reports on Interest Group activities.
  • Presents Interest Groups Co ordinator report at monthly general meetings
  • Ensures that Group Conveners maintain a record of member attendances at Interest Group meetings and activities for Probus Insurance purposes
  • If possible, after each general meeting of the Club, forwards information on Interest Group activities or photos to the Website Manager for inclusion in the Club communications to members
  • Maintains contact with each Group Convener and encourage/assist them as appropriate
  • Considers requests from members for the establishment of additional Groups. (It is most important that someone volunteers to act as Convener prior to any new Groups being formed)
  • From time to time arranges for a Group Convener to make a short presentation to the general meeting of the Club

Membership Officer 

  • In co-operation with the Secretary and Treasurer maintains a register of members’ names and addresses (and other details) and distributes them to those Committee members who maintain member distribution lists
  • Keeps an up to date register of club members
  • Sends a formal letter of acceptance to all new members
  • In co-operation with the Attendance Officer maintains a record of members and visitors at each meeting.  Ensures name badges are available to members and handed in when members leave
  • Purchases name badges for new members and orders outings badges for those members who wish to purchase

Guest Speaker Convener

  • Aims to arrange a varied program of speakers six months in advance
  • Liaises with speaker on arrangements including travel to venue, need for audio visual, length of talk and obtains biographical notes
  • Follows up about five days before meeting to confirm arrangements
  • Introduces the guest to the meeting and arranges a member to give the vote of thanks. Ensures that a small gift is available
  • Maintains a short list of emergency speakers who can fill in with an interesting talk at short notice

Member Support Officer

  • Identifies members who may need extra care or help because they are not well or have suffered bereavement
  • Keeps in touch with them through phone calls or cards
  • Advises Committee members, when appropriate, of help that may be required
  • Advises members of help that is available either from the Club or from outside sources such as Community transport or the home library system
  • Updates register of health aid available