How to use this form

Conveners of an outing or activity are required to complete and submit this form. It will be sent to the Web Administrators, the Outings Facilitator and the Groups Facilitator. This enables the webpage/message to be developed and the outing to be advertised to members.

Remember the 4 W’s – What, Where, When, Who.

Images – important when supplying photos to the web administrators.

The ideal size is 1,200 pixels wide. The minimum size is 800 pixels wide, but larger images will look better when the followers click to expand the image.

Images (if applicable) original or royalty free only (do not download images from the internet, copyright issues). Sent them via email to the Web Administrators as the form does not support uploading images.

Style and formatting used on the Website

  1. Date and time eg. Monday, 6 February 2017 at 10:45 am or 06/02/2017
  2. Currency dollars and cents – eg. $25.00
  3. No abbreviations such as mins, St, use minutes, Street.
  4. Probus websafe colours in use:
    Black (Main colour used for headings and main body text)
    Blue (Second colour used for headings sometimes)
    Amber (Third colour used for headings sometimes)
    Red (Fourth colour used only to emphasise a message)