Gloucester and Barrington Tops – May 2023 – Review

An interesting and different 4 days was enjoyed by 30 Probians last week visiting locations in the Barrington area, led by Lindy Trudgeon of Essentially Barrington tours. Lindy and other residents of the area participate in tours to promote their region and give us an insight into country life.

We were very fortunate that the weather was sunny (chilly for some) but no snow to slow our progress.

Some came by train and some by car and after collecting the train travellers, our driver, Mal took us for a short tour of the town. We then enjoyed lunch at Nana’s before visiting Mograni Winery for a wine and cheese tasting.  This was followed by dinner in the evening at Roadies with a recitation of The Man From Snowy River from Lindy….very impressive.

We visited wineries (Mograni and Great Lakes Paddocks), cattle (Ashmar) and poultry (Topi open range) farms, Barrington Tops, Forster/Tuncurry and Smiths Lakes. We even took to the dance floor in Waukivory village hall doing the good old barn dance for the oldies among us and the twist for the younger age group!! (actually, really only one age group).

We had a delicious home cooked meal cooked for us by three local ladies, owners of nearby properties. We were entertained on the keyboard by Betty who was very pleased that some of us braved the dance floor and entertained the others with our various dancing styles. It was fun!

The scenery from the Barrington Tops was spectacular and we were so lucky to have a sunny day to appreciate the views down the valley.

A visit to a disused gold mine at Copeland Tops was special, led by our ranger guide Boe, describing the flora of the area particularly the scarce red cedar.  He then showed the artifacts and artwork he had made reflecting his indigenous heritage. He demonstrated how to play the didgeridoo too… we all loved his enthusiasm for his job as a ranger and his culture.

Our final visit was to Ashmar Farm for hot soup, bread roll and yummy slices all overlooking a beautifully maintained property with rolling green hills, beautiful garden and a menagerie of animals as well as their cattle.

One lovely surprise was Terry Dooley and Lynnette Shepherd (former members of our club) joining us for lunch at The Great Lakes Paddock from their home at Failford, not far away .

Unfortunately, our tour came to a sudden end after visiting Ashmar Farm as one of our members tested positive to COVID, followed by 7 more, including our guide, Lindy. There could be more.

We did, however enjoy the bulk of the tour only missing one farm visit.

Thank you to everyone for participating in the tour. So sorry to see so many catching the virus and hope all recovers quickly.

Judy Mitchell