Historic Windsor Walk of Interest – Review – Tuesday 18 April

What a great day out!

We travelled to Ebenezer (just past Wilberforce) where they grow market garden crops and farm turf, and where you can find the oldest existing church in Australia (circa 1809).

Morning tea was first up for our thirsty and hungry folk because – you know – it was ages since their last refreshment .
Ted Brill told us all about the early settlers and the history of the church, which made the graveyard wanderers very keen to explore.

Our Historic Walking Tour started back in Windsor. Whilst some of the group avidly followed the guide, others diverged to stroll along the river or browse within the mall. The quaint shops and streetscape added much charm to the mall, and a replica water wheel gave a refreshing fountain-like focus.

Whichever path was chosen, all was good with everyone eventually finding their way to lunch at the Macquarie Arms Hotel – a two-storied, brick, Georgian-style structure built in 1815.

After lunch some stayed for refreshment at the pub while others wandered off in search of coffee or ice-creams. I went to The Lolly Shop to find two very colourful shop assistants. Go Mini Mouse!

By 3:00 pm we were on the bus and headed for home to arrive in plenty of time for the Wine Appreciation meet up. What a Big Day Out!

Karin Canty