2023 Membership

Hello Everyone

Please take the time to read this through as it has information about membership and more importantly, our Club’s ongoing success.

The annual membership subscription is $50.00, the due date for payment is Friday 17 February 2023.

To avoid becoming unfinancial, please deposit your $50.00 as soon as possible due to the workload of all involved and will allow time to process new membership applications. Payment details can be found on this link.  The reference must contain FAMILY NAME/SUBS. If paying for someone else, please contact the Treasurer.

For those not wishing to continue membership in 2023 please contact the Membership Officer as soon as you can.

Things to consider:

  1.  Am I well enough to continue my membership?

If you are medically unable to join the meetings, you can change your membership status.   Enquire about changing to a non-active membership status by contacting our Member Support Officer. Your place is pegged for a return when you are medically fit to rejoin at the next membership renewal time.

  1.  Am I making the most of my membership?

If you struggle to attend the 3 required meetings or can’t find the time to join any of the activities, is the club suitable for you?

3.  What contribution have I made?

The continued success of our Club relies on many volunteers and right now we still need nominations for Secretary and Junior Vice President. Our Club needs a full committee to function and currently we do not have one.  Click here for the nomination form.

The AGM and the Probus 2023 year will start on 3 March 2023.

Will 2023 be the year you support the Club by lending a helping hand?

Thanking you all.

Gilda McRobert