Does Tai Chi interest you?

Are you are keen to try an exercise form that helps to improve balance, physical strength, and mental focus? Responding to the interest in Tai Chi indicated by our recent member survey, Mary Esdaile, our Interest Groups Facilitator, has investigated local options.

Probus is not equipped to run Tai Chi as an Interest Group since it requires instruction from an experienced teacher, but options through third-party organisations are available.

Contact Gary Khor at the  Australian Academy of Tai Chi website and fill in the online booking form.  If unsure whether Tai Chi is for you, have a chat with either  Grandmaster Gary Khor or Master Aaron Khor on (02) 9797 9355.

The beginners course runs for 10 weeks at a cost of $150. Alternatively, casual attendance is available at $20 per session.

Courses are run at two convenient locations:

Five Dock Canada Bay Club
4 William St Five Dock
TERM 2 starts Wednesday 27 April 2022
10:15am – 11:15am: Advanced Class & Beginners Class


St Alban’s Church
171 Great North Road, Five Dock
TERM 2 starts Monday 2 May 2022
10:00am – 11:00am: Beginners Class & Tai Chi Level 1 – 2

What a beginners course will teach you.

Joining a beginner’s course teaches you the foundations of Tai Chi. You learn the correct leg positioning and weight transfer to allow your upper body to relax. Breathing techniques are taught in the classes to help with your movements. This enables the body to relax and you to feel calm.

Many of the movements are easy and simple. This makes it easy to repeat and remember the exercise. There are no long sequences of movements that need to be remembered as they can be practised in any order.

Beginners courses are suitable for all people and ages. If you’re unable to do certain movements, you can do the exercises seated and still gain the benefits of Tai Chi.”