Keep in Touch – Newsletter Issue 8, February 2021

I can’t believe we are already in the 2nd month of this New Year 2021 – wherever did 2020 go!

I do hope you were all able in some way to celebrate Christmas and New Year with family, friends and/or your neighbours.

To start us back into 2021 with a vibrant, happy and enthusiastic rhythm we travelled prior to COVID – ‘Outings’ and ‘Movies’ are to re-commence along with the 11 activities already up and going as noted on our website home page. Slow and steady and we will win the race.

Sue Colubraile, our Outings Facilitator, has given us some options in this Newsletter to “wet the appetite” – of course we will need Conveners.

Sue will convene the first 2 outings to set the pace, however she needs support from members to put up your hand and contact Sue so other outings can be organised.

Here the link to the February 2021 ‘Keep in Touch’ newsletter.

Warm Regards
Kathy Beresford,