The Picnic by the river in Cabarita Park

Friday 13 November 2020

The weather forecast for our picnic was not encouraging but about 20 Probians braved the strong winds and possibility of rain and were fortunate enough to have sanctuary in the shelter of the shed overlooking the river.

As the afternoon progressed the windy weather eased and after lunch we enjoyed coffee and drinks down at the marina kiosk.

This was a great opportunity to meet new friends in Probus (although a certain lady decided she would like to remain anonymous and wore her badge back to front so we had to guess who she was ) and we decided that regular  picnics in our lovely park would be very welcome addition to our list of activities.

Gilda likes people to guess her name. Wears her name badge on the inside.

Hopefully after COVID restrictions ease even more we can gather more frequently… we live in a beautiful area so we should make the most of it with very little effort.

Judy Mitchell