President’s Update – 21 October 2020

Hi and Hello to you all

I do hope you all enjoyed the October Newsletter celebrating Probus Day reflecting on the wonderful times our Club has shared and enjoyed during our 6 years of growth – Yes, we turned 6 last month!

Given the many restrictions placed on us with COVID-19 and being unable to meet at the Community Hall, our aim for the past 7 months has always been to ‘keep in touch’.  Our Newsletter, ‘Keeping in Touch’, was the way to chat to you on a monthly basis with so many members sharing their interesting and captivating articles.

To all contributors, I sincerely thank you for your input in making the Newsletter such a success.

Our Newsletter will be in recess until perhaps early 2021 and again I cannot thank enough ‘my helpers’ – Jan Sayers, Connie Fraser and, for October, Sue Colubraile, for their most amazing input, diligence and constant attention to detail to ensure these Newsletters ‘kept you in touch’ on the day we would normally meet at the Community Hall.

Probus South Pacific has a Newsletter ‘Staying Connected with Probus’ sharing wonderful articles to read and many ideas for home and outdoor.  There are Club Stories, Tai chi VS. Qigong to enjoy in the comfort of your living room or in a park (Issue 27); virtual board games (Issue 26); Crafts such as knitting, soap and candle making, woodwork or painting(Issue 19) and so many more to view.

In addition to the Newsletter the Active Retiree Magazine which was always available at our monthly meetings is now in digital form and the link takes you to the September/October issue and previous publications.

In closing, as I reflect on all the many contributions made to our Club’s Newsletters, it is evident that we are enthusiastic, happy and diverse members who enjoy wonderful times of Fun, Friendship, and Fellowship.

Kathy Beresford